Friday, 7 January 2011

About this blog

I have created this blog to give a little more insight about the treatment I have had. This is from my point of view and does not emulate anything a medical professional may advise.

This journal details my Mesothelioma journey from May 2008 until the present.
Contact information for Professor Vogl who is performing my chemoembolization procedure is


Johann Wolfgang Goethe
University Clinic (23c)
Theodor Stern Kai 7
Frankfurt am Main

Tel : 00496963017277
Email :

Thursday, 6 January 2011

7th treatment.

I have had my 7th chemoembolisation treatment done, Considering that the last treatment I had was Decmeber 2008, I think that is good going. I have had a small progression in the left lung, could be due to the lymph node enlarging in 2009. I had radio therpay on that but it may have caused the growth.
I arrived in Frankfurt on 3rd January 2011 to see the Prof. This time I was accompanied by Rita, a great friend who lost her husband, Peter to mesothelioma. She has been wonderful. Going into the theatre was like coming home, so many familiar faces and all very excited about how the treatment has helped so many people. I wish it could help everyone, such a shame that some don't make it. The Prof sees late stage patients which is a dilemma in itself as he is their last hope. Profs team knew all about our facebook group, the warriors and all the work we have been doing to bring mesothelioma to the forefront. It made me feel so proud to be part of it.
The treatment went well and I returned home on 5th January.
I will be having a CT scan in the next couple of weeks and am hoping the treatment has impacted on the growth.

Theo, if your listening, it was lovely to spend Christmas with you, but now you have to go back to your pad in Frankfurt. Please take some more of your belongings, I hope to find more space when I have the CT scan.

Wednesday, 10 June 2009

....a lot more good news...I hope it never stops!!

I went to Frankfurt on 8th June 2009 for another check up and had another pleasant surprise.
After having the CT and MRI scan done I went to see Prof Vogl.
Jeanette video'd the session for local BBC news.

Professor Vogl talked in German into his dictaphone. He asked me if I had had any treatment since he last saw me and I said I hadn't.
He seemed to be suprised. I asked him if he could put the scans from May 2008 on the screen beside the June 2009 scan. Wow...... it was remarkable!!
I was shocked at just how bad things were back then. No Wonder he was surprised... Another 10% of the tumour had gone. Theo had taken his designer shoes and now has a small amount of his  personal belongings left. Maybe he will take it in the next few months. I have to make an appointment with my own oncologist in Derriford Hospital in September and the scans to be sent to Prof Vogl. This will be easier than travelling as it was difficult this time. Jeanette and I had to leave from Birmingham

Monday, 9 March 2009

......... and even more good news from Germany!

I have had another 20% reduction in the tumour...Woo Hoo... Professor Vogl in very impressed with the way my Meso has responded. He wants to study me to find out why it has responded so well to this treatment when it has so little that makes any impact on it.
He also told me that I have a narrow Oesophagus which I am going to speak to my GP about. I have always had issues with drinks as I find I splutter a little when I have some and other times I am fine.
Jeanette and I have had an amazing Journey, She has been a truly wonderful friend and will continue to support me in Germany.
I have a new man in my life, Mr S, who has been lovely. I knew him over 25 years ago and we both feel so happy about meeting up again. 
My life has turned a corner and become a joy, I would love to wave a magic wand and give some of this to other people who are going through their tough times at the moment. Jade Goody is one who springs to mind and I can't help wondering if this treatment would help her. I find it impossible to get any word to her, I can only hope that she can find something to give her back her future, It is a terrible time to go through. 

Wednesday, 10 December 2008

More Good results from Germany ............

It has been an amazing few months. I returned from Germany on 14th December and have been given the best Christmas gift I could ever wish for.

I had my last procedure done on 12th December and Professor Vogl told me it had shrunk again....another 10%! That is 53% gone now....and it didn't stop there!!
When Jeanette and I went to see him for the consultation later that day, he said that the tumour was dead....sorry  Theo....that's a bit harsh.... I must admit I had a twang of sadness when the Prof said Dead as I want to feel the Theo has moved to Germany and he is not hurt as we have had a good relationship. He was kind to me for a whole year. I asked him if Theo would come back and he said he may not. I was overjoyed and am still elated by the news. I cannot take it in at the moment.
I said I wanted to get the procedure over to the UK and he said I would have a better chance of getting a rocket on the moon.....I love a I am looking for my rocket.
I cannot believe that Jeanette and I have finished our adventure ad we have got such a wonderful result.
Jeanette has been a great support to me. She has done so much, leaving her family to support me. I hope she knows that I appreciate what she has done for me. My next appointment will be in March for a scan. I will travel to Germany and see Professor Vogl who is following up on the progress. By then the tumour should be virtually gone....yay!

Thursday, 6 November 2008

Another good result

Wow....another 10% gone!!

43% now.....

Professor Vogl asked who the patient was when he came into the operating theatre and I told him Jeanette was : )
He then said that we had another significant change.....10%!
He told me to keep doing whatever I am doing as it was working. He seemed very suprised to see more of the tumour had gone.
Sorry about the terrible picture but it did emulate what we were feeling when we found out about the 10% decrease and the excitement that we could show 5 hours later. Talking of pictures, the one of Jeanette (below) is lovely. We stepped off the plane and into Christmas!
The decorations were beautiful, as you can see!
Jeanette and I are such children.....we gasped with excitment when we saw them. The Germans must think we have lost it!

Saturday, 27 September 2008

Feeling tired, sick but very happy
I took my sick note into work today. It was good to see my team mates. I had a lot of hugs and happy faces greeting me.
They are all so supportive and make going to work a gift.
I have been feeling tired today and got my head down this afternoon.
Kieran is with his dad until Monday. At least that will give me some time to recuperate.
I am getting my little 5 minute talk ready for Saturday.
It is the Mesothelioma UK's 3rd patient and carer day at the Queens hotel, Leeds.
I am looking forward to it.
My friend, Helen is coming with me.
I will write a report on the events of the day. Last years event was brilliant.
I came away feeling so positive and met a lot of wonderful people all striving for the same goal as me.
I am hoping that the chemoembolization procedure I have had done will be considered for this country. If Professor Vogl gets his team here with their mobile unit, that would be wonderful.
I want all Meso sufferers to benefit from this procedure.
For more info about Saturday, please copy and paste the link below.